Quick Breakfasts When You Hit the Snooze Button

Wednesday 12th, October 2011 / 23:58

The other morning I wanted to stay in bed so I kept hitting the snooze button. Then I had to really hurry and make myself a quick breakfast. Without it, my energy level is that of a slug and my brain remains in neutral. Sound familiar?

But I get bored with the same cold cereal and fruit plus I want more protein to start my day.

Joining me on the podcast this week to talk about beating breakfast boredom when you’re in a hurry is my guest Regina Ragone, registered dietitian and Food Director at Family Circlemagazine.

Regina has recently tasted new products from a company called Good Food Made Simple. They have frozen egg patties (think Egg McMuffin) that can be kept at work and quickly cooked in the microwave and served with a 100-calorie whole grain sandwich thin. Other products include microwavable oatmeal.

Or spread almond butter on your favorite whole grain bread, top with sliced apples and a swirl of honey. This is one of my favorite quick fixes in the fall when apples are in season.

Regina likes to perk up whole-grain cereal with almond milk or coconut milk. Although I like the flavor of both for a change, I prefer fat free milk for the eight grams of protein per cup as compared to the one gram found in either almond or coconut milk. Soymilk also has a similar protein content to milk.

What are some of your favorite healthy breakfast ideas?

Want to make pizza this weekend?  We do most every weekend. It’s a fun way to get family and friends together. Try this Deep-dish veggie  & pepperoni pizza for a different twist.

The holidays are quickly approaching. If you neeed a gift for someone who loves to cook, check out Family Circle’s new cookbook.

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