A Muffin Top May Cause Brittle Bones

Wednesday 13th, April 2011 / 14:09

Hi Everyone! When you hear the word osteoporosis, do you think about yourself or your family? Protecting your bones is likely not at the top of your to-do list. Maybe you down a calcium supplement when you think about it…but that’s about it.

What if I told you there are simple smart choices you can make to keep your bones and your kids’ bones healthy? The goal is to prevent thinning of your bones and fractures down the road.

Joining me on this week’s podcast to talk about four easy ways to protect your bones is Regina Ragone, registered dietitian and Food Director at Family Circle magazine.

You may be shocked to hear that extra weight around your middle can lead to bone loss. The first prime way to protect bones is to lose weight around the middle. A recent study from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School found that women who had high amounts of visceral (belly) fat had less bone mineral density than women who did not.

Call it a muffin top or menopot but this belly fat appears to produce an inflammatory response in the body, which can accelerate bone loss.

Just as important is to eat more calcium-rich foods at every age…a must-do for preventing bone loss and osteoporosis. Did you know that the best way for your body to absorb calcium is from food sources versus supplements? Milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach, almonds, fortified soy milk and cereals are all sources of calcium.

If you find it hard to get enough calcium through food, supplement with calcium citrate. Take it after meals since food helps with absorption of calcium from the supplement.

Each month Family Circle shares a tasty recipe with us. If you’re in the mood for Mexican, you’ll want to try the Turkey-Vegetable Fajitas with a simple Avocado & Tomato Salsa on the side. With a fresh marinade of lime and orange juices plus ancho chili powder, cumin, and a host of veggies, it’s time to get your family in the kitchen to cook together.

Want more? Listen to this week’s podcast below. Don’t forget you can now find our podcast with Family Circle at familycircle.com, keyword ‘podcast’.

Listen to this week’s podcast


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