Diet Myths…Busted!

Wednesday 12th, May 2010 / 08:19

What is the one item of clothing women hate to shop for? A swim suit. My college roommate was in town last week and we were over at the beach. She was shopping for a swim suit and I wish you could have heard her comments. “I’ve got to lose this extra flab.” “This suit makes me look even fatter than I feel.” “Wow, is my butt really that wide?” “The flowers on this suit make me look like an extra-large arrangement.” She had me laughing out loud but at the same time, we discussed how we women are our own worst critics. Isn’t that right ladies? We don’t need anyone else to point out our flaws when we try on a swim suit…we do that very nicely on our own. We would never hear a guy say…”Do my thighs look like cottage cheese?” or “Wow, my gut has really gotten big.” If you want to drop a few pounds before you put on your swimsuit, take this quiz with me and let’s do some diet myth busting. Here we go: Diet Myth or Diet Truth? #1, True or False: You can lose weight if you eat grapefruit or drink/use vinegar? FALSE: This myth is considered ‘food folklore’–wishful thinking for many people who have heard this faux promise for years. Unfortunately no food can directly “burn fat” nor “burn off the calories in a food”. If you lose weight because you eat grapefruit, it’s because you substitute this low calorie food for one in your diet that is likely much higher in calories and fat. Same for vinegar. You may substitute it in place of a much higher fat salad dressing for example and therefore cut significant calories. This is not going to sound sexy or be the magic pill that we all wish we had but weight loss, bottom line, is about how much you eat day in and day out. I’m talking portion size and total calories plus how physically active you are. Two huge factors have changed. Number one, we’ve become sedentary as a society. Remote controls, computers, cars, golf carts, etc. do all the work for us. Then consider that most of us don’t live where we can walk everywhere like in the European countries. Number two, portion sizes are obscene. Cookies are the size of small pizzas so we pack on the pounds like never before. #2, True or False: You must stop eating at 7pm or you won’t lose weight? FALSE: Calories do not count more in the evening. In terms of fat burning, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, regardless of when it is eaten. The bottom line for weight loss is calories consumed against calories expended. Think about this. Do you often skip breakfast or lunch or else eat very lightly all day? Are you so ravenous by the time you get home that you could eat the door off the refrigerator and have absolutely zero self control? Do you eat anything you can get your hands on and then fall asleep and never burn the calories off? Research from The National Weight Control Registry shows that people who eat breakfast and throughout the day have less cravings at night and tend to eat much less after 7 pm. 

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